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Semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows reconstructing eyebrows fully.

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the must-have essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour

Full Lips Shading

Permanent lips can last forever from a natural looking tint to a more vibrant looking color.

Ombre Eyebrows

Soft, powdered natural-looking eyebrows can be created. No more pencil shaping.

Eyelash Extensions

Longer, thicker, more dramatic lashes. Beautiful, supernatural lashes! Say no to mascara!

Tattoo Removal

The safest tattoo removal products available to consumers and industry professionals.

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Non-invasive tattoo removal technique

linhnguyen_usa@yahoo.com July 31 ,2018

If you’ve ever had a tattoo regret, then you’ll understand how frustrating it can be when it comes to getting rid of that ink. After stumbling over a fairly new non-invasive tattoo removal technique – the Tattoo Remoov 88 – that doesn’t involve any lasers, I decided to dig deeper into it. And to pull

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The 5 Best Tips to Help Microblading Results Last Even Longer

linhnguyen_usa@yahoo.com July 20 ,2018

Not many people win the perfect-eyebrow-genetics-lottery. However, good microblading gives eyebrows a look of completeness that rivals the appearance of beautiful natural-looking brows. It’s safe to assume, those who make the investment to get gorgeous eyebrows want their brows to look “on point” for as long as possible. Here are five easy tips that help

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Microblading Healing Process

linhnguyen_usa@yahoo.com July 19 ,2018

Trust the process Healed microblading results are the most beautiful and natural looking way to enhance eyebrows, but the path leading to those anticipated healed results can be a little bit surprising. In addition to following the microblading aftercare instructions, understanding the microblading healing process is essential to avoid undue worry and stress while going

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